Hey there, fellow parents! Do you remember the 80s and all the gnarly slang that was popular back then? Well, one of those words is making a comeback: RAD! But nowadays, when your kid says “rad,” they’re not talking about a rad skateboard trick or a rad haircut – they’re actually using it as an acronym that stands for “Really Awesome Dude!”

So, when your kid calls someone “rad,” they’re basically saying that they’re super cool and awesome. It’s like they’re giving them a big thumbs up and saying “You’re the best, dude!” And if your kid says “rad” about something else, like a cool new gadget or a fun activity, it just means they think it’s really awesome and exciting.

As parents, it’s important for us to stay up to date on the latest slang and trends so we can connect with our kids and understand what they’re talking about. Maybe you can even start using “rad” yourself! Just remember to keep it groovy, parents!


PixelatedDad, the 8-bit gaming guru who's a few pixels short of a full sprite. Despite my age, I'm still young at heart and can often be found playing games that are older than my kids. I've got the reflexes of a sloth and the aim of a blindfolded monkey, but that doesn't stop me from trying to save the pixelated princess. Meet the ultimate multitasker - Pixelated princess saver, Husband, Geek, and proud Dad! When I'm not busy wrangling my two sets of twins (yep #TwinsTwice) or coding away on my computer, taking pictures of the night sky or designing and printing 3d bits of plastic, you can find me snuggling up with my furry sidekick, Doggo McStuffin.

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