Hey there, fellow parents! It’s time to talk about the latest acronym that’s been making the rounds: POG! Now, you might remember Pogs as those little cardboard disks that were popular back in the 90s. But today, when your kid says “pog,” they’re not talking about those disks – they’re actually using it as an acronym that stands for “Play Of the Game.”

Basically, when your kid is playing a video game, they might do something really awesome or impressive, like getting a headshot or pulling off a sick combo. When that happens, the game might award them with a “Play of the Game” and your kid might say “pog” to celebrate! It’s like they’re saying “I did it, I pulled off something awesome!”

So, as parents, it’s important to recognize when our kids accomplish something great and show our support. Maybe we can even ask them to show us the cool things they do in their games! And who knows, maybe you’ll even start saying “pog” yourself – it’s a fun word!


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