Two Point Campus on Nintendo Switch: A blast from the past that feels fresh and new.

Two Point Campus
Two Point Campus

As PixelatedDad, a retro gamer, I recently had the chance to play Two Point Campus on the Nintendo Switch and I have to say, it’s a blast from the past! This game brings back memories of classic campus simulators like Theme Park and SimCity, but with its own unique twist.

One of the things I love about Two Point Campus is the level of customization available. You can design and build your own campus from scratch, choosing everything from the layout to the types of buildings and amenities. The game also offers a wide variety of student types to attract, each with their own likes and dislikes, which adds an extra layer of strategy to the gameplay.

The graphics and animation are top-notch, making it a pleasure to watch your campus come to life. The humour and quirkiness of the game are also a highlight, adding a touch of fun and personality to the experience. The characters in the game are all quite quirky and fun, it’s always amusing to see the different antics they get up to as you play through the game. I especially enjoyed watching the “nerd” students run around in their lab coats and thick glasses, and the “jock” students flexing their muscles on the fields.

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Another great feature of Two Point Campus is the level of control you have over the campus. You can control everything from the layout of the buildings to the types of classes and events that take place on campus. You can also manage the budget and finances of the school, allocating resources to different areas as you see fit. This level of control is quite satisfying and makes you feel like a real campus administrator.

The game also includes a variety of challenges and objectives to complete, which gives you a sense of purpose and direction as you play. These challenges include things like increasing the enrollment of the school or building a specific type of building. Completing these objectives gives you a sense of accomplishment and makes the game feel more satisfying.

Two Point Campus
So many things you can build

One of my favourite things about Two Point Campus is the attention to detail in the game. From the different types of buildings you can construct to the variety of students that attend your campus, everything feels authentic and well thought out. The game also includes a lot of Easter eggs and hidden references for fans of the genre to discover, which is a nice touch.

Two Point Campus
The Menus are slightly hard to read at times in handheld mode

I guess my one gripe as with many Nintendo Switch simulation games is the UI zoom and font size, as an older gamer, Id love greater control over font size and UI elements, Two Point Campus does have three UI zoom settings, Small, Medium and Large, but to be honest on the small screen in handheld mode its still awkward to read some of the text. When docked and on a big TV this is not an issue at all. But to me the Nintendo Switch is all about portability, picking up and playing when I want (with Two sets of Twins, getting “Gaming” time is not a planned-out experience, if they are quiet and having their own fun, I can pick up the switch and bash out an hour, but if a riot going on I have to do the Dad thing…

That little grip aside I would highly recommend Two Point Campus to fans of campus simulators or anyone looking for a fun and family-friendly game on the Nintendo Switch. It’s a great way to relive the nostalgia of the past while still feeling fresh and new. The game is entertaining to play, and it’s easy to lose hours just building and managing your campus. The game is also great for all ages, with its family-friendly humour and easy-to-learn gameplay. I highly recommend checking it out, especially for those who love campus simulators and are looking for a fun and entertaining game to play on their Switch.

If you are considering grabbing a copy, please consider using my Amazon link below, I would be immensely thankful as I would be given a small reward – Thank you!



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